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Our Services

 ▪Student Recruitment Services
▪Student Guardianship
▪Student Internship Programme ***
▪"2+2"Programme (University Degree)
▪"4+1" Programme (University Degree)
▪Summer Camps
▪Arts Group
▪English Teacher Recruitment
▪Visa Application Services
▪Teacher Training Programme
▪Education/Culture/Trade Exhibitions ***
▪Student Internship Programme ( SIP) ***
    UKIEA runs SIP Programme for Chinese students doing interns in the UK & Non-Chinese students doing internships in China.
    Please contact (0044) 07838136658 or email:

▪Education/Culture/Trade Exhibitions ***
    UKIEA helps to organize different exhibitions & events for companies, organizations, schools & universities.
    The areas include: education, culture, trade promotion, exhibition & executive training.